Our Values

The Midwest has long been known for its solid values and strong moral compass. Treating our guests, employees, and owners with a respectful and honest approach has been the foundation of Midwestern culture for generations. We exemplify these values in everything we do.

Our Mission

The mission is to continue to grow as one of the most competitive, hard-working, and performance driven hotel management companies in the country. We do this by upholding a commitment to hire, train and develop the most talented associates in the industry, to take exceptional care of our guests, and deliver result driven financial success to our business owners, investors, and developers.

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to fostering a World-Class Service culture with all of our guest endeavors, employees, owners and vendors. We do this by practicing positive engagement, responsiveness to needs, and a passion to serve others.

Our World-Class Hospitality

We believe that World-Class Service is achieved through our employees and associates passion and commitment to serve each guest with a smile. As a team we strive to treat each guest as our number one priority, worthy of our utmost attention and gratitude.

Our Leadership

We believe in an open, honest and engaging leadership approach at all levels, that builds accountability, trust and respect for all. We focus on equitable fair business practices and developing people through focused training.